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2019 US contract truckload rate projections slipping

[caption caption="By the time the owner of Swift Transportation and Knight Transportation releases its earnings report Jan. 29, the state of the trucking market in the first quarter should be more clear. Photo credit: Knight-Swift Transportation."][/caption]Truckload spot rates may be slipping, but Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, the largest US truckload operator,...

US high court rules against forced trucker arbitration

[caption caption="Even owner-operators work under ‘contracts of employment,’ the US Supreme Court said, which means claims of misclassification, ‘stolen wages’ can’t be forced into arbitration. Photo credit:"][/caption]In a decision that could have a broad impact on trucking companies contracting with owner-operators, the US Supreme Court decided Tuesday that motor...

US shutdown delays Roadrunner's financial revision

[caption caption="The delay in Roadrunner’s rights offering is an example of the creeping effect of the partial shutdown on the plans of US businesses as well as individuals. Photo credit:"][/caption]The partial US government shutdown put a stumbling block in the path of Roadrunner Transportation Systems’ rights offering, delaying its...

‘Blue-collar’ crisis plagues US trucking

[caption caption="Widespread labor shortages affect not just US trucking, but all aspects of transportation and logistics, from maintenance shops to warehouses to ports. Photo credit:"][/caption]The best economic news of the first few weeks of 2019 came from the December US employment report: 312,000 new jobs were added in the...

Shippers, not just US truckers, own driver shortage

[caption caption="Since US trucking deregulation in 1980, shippers have seen transportation costs as a percentage of total costs plummet. One reason is low truck driver pay. Photo credit:"][/caption]For years, shippers were warned about the looming driver shortage. Trucking executives sometimes were accused of “crying wolf” when it came to...

US trucking firms look to ‘cultivate’ their own drivers

 [caption caption="And 87 percent is not a turnover rate that will inspire complacency. A carrier with 100 drivers and an 87 percent turnover rate could spend nearly $500,000 on recruitment and replacement annually. Photo credit:"][/caption]US trucking companies struggling to recruit drivers increasingly are targeting new drivers, offering training and...

Small US trucking firms winning battle for drivers

[caption caption="The numbers show that the claim no one wants to be a truck driver is a myth. Plenty of people want to be truckers, but they don’t all want to work for large companies. Photo credit:"][/caption]For large, irregular route truckload carriers, the driver shortage is very real. These...

US truck driver pay to rise 'more than normal' in 2019

[caption caption="Trucking faces demographic challenges, as do many industries, but the alleged driver shortage isn’t an absolute shortage of drivers. Photo credit:"][/caption]There probably never was a better year to be a US truck driver than 2018. Freight was plentiful and spot rates soared, soothing the pain and potential revenue...

US truck tonnage growth slows, spot prices drop

[caption caption="Even though the increase in sequential US monthly truck tonnage slowed to a crawl last month, the volume of freight shipped using for-hire motor carriers remained high. Photo credit:"][/caption]Data released Tuesday show peak-season trucking activity in the US subsiding in mid-December, earlier than a year ago. First, the American...

US truck tonnage growth slows, spot prices drop

“The fact that tonnage rose in November after a strong October is impressive,” Bob Costello, ATA chief economist, said. | Dec 18, 2018 4:29PM ESTTrucking LogisticsTruckload FreightLogistics Providers

ELD rule to boost Canadian transloads, truck rates

[caption caption="Canada"][/caption]When it takes effect, Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will hit delivery of containerized goods from Montreal to the Toronto area hard, spurring shippers to transload cargo to mitigate rising delivery costs on that route and other legs. US shippers took a similar hit when the US ELD...

ELD rule to boost Canada transloads, truck rates

US shippers took a similar hit when the US electronic logging device (ELD) mandate disrupted truck capacity in inter-city lanes last December. | Dec 17, 2018 2:45PM ESTTrucking LogisticsTruckload FreightPort NewsLogistics ProvidersInternational Logistics

Manitoulin acquisition adds Yukon to truck network

[caption caption="The acquisition and joint venture further Manitoulin’s long-term goal of extending coverage across Canada and building freight density not just in metropolitan areas but throughout the country. Photo credit: Manitoulin."][/caption]Fresh from acquisitions in eastern Canada and the United States, the Manitoulin Group of Companies is expanding in Canada’s northwestern...

Manitoulin acquisition adds Yukon to truck network

The Manitoulin Group of Companies acquired the book of business of one company and partnered with its parent company to broaden its coverage in northwest Canada. | Dec 17, 2018 1:26PM ESTTrucking LogisticsTruckload FreightLTL ShippingInternational LogisticsLogistics Providers

US regulators reject ELD pleas, put focus on trucker hours

The FMCSA published 10 decisions rejecting petitions for ELD exemptions Friday, a sign the agency has drawn a sharp line when it comes to pleas for relief from the year-old rule. Instead, expect more focus on the hours of service rules themselves. | Dec 07, 2018 5:03PM ESTRegulation & PolicyTransportation RegulationsUS Transportation RegulationsTruckload FreightLTL ShippingLabor

US regulators reject ELD pleas, put focus on trucker hours

[caption caption="The FMCSA Friday published 10 decisions rejecting petitions for ELD exemptions. Photo credit:"][/caption]US regulators may be willing to revise truck driver hours of service (HOS) rules, they may be willing to give truck drivers some flexibility in how they use electronic logging devices (ELDs), but they’re not surrendering much...

Securing US truck contract capacity to dominate 2019

[caption caption="Heading into 2019, US shippers, their partners, and suppliers, should all cleave to the Boy Scout motto, coined by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907: Be prepared. (Above: Trucks travel on a freeway in California, United States.) Photo credit:"][/caption]Chuck Hammel doesn’t know what 2019 will bring, but he knows his...

US spot truck rates rising in retail-rich lanes

Regionally, the Midwest and Northeast are hot spot truckload markets in late November, as freight moves off coasts and inland to distribution centers, stores, and consumers. Shippers appear to be making more use of contract capacity, however, which is a sign capacity overall is less tight. | Nov 29, 2018 5:22PM ESTTrucking LogisticsTruckload Freight

US spot truck rates rising in retail-rich lanes

[caption caption="This year has shattered any number of \"should-bes\" and there are signs the US trucking spot market still has some air in its tires. Photo credit:"][/caption]With Thanksgiving and the “Black Friday” sales event in the rearview mirror, trucking activity should be winding down after reaching its peak. This...


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